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 Creations from my time as a Sculptor  

(Most of my bronzes are sold out editions, so very few castings are still available) 

The Scent of Victory D 2
Spring Foal Series
Legacy of Sand 333
Shadow on Concrete Wall
First Spring!
Spring Fever
Inching up to Spring
Innocents of Spring
Spring Treasure

The Foals of Spring

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Rik - Scent of Victory
The Scent of Victory
The Scent of Victroy
The Scent of Victory - photo by Suzanne Sturgill
The Scent of Victory - Cover
Tomorrows That Beckon
Pillars of Antiquity
Pillars of Antiquity
Pillars of Antiquity - Cover
Calling the Mares
Challenge the Wind
Glimpse the Future.
Glimpse the Future
Maple Leaf Trophy

    Bountiful Busts    

Shadow on Concrete Wall

  - - -  Mares with Foals  - - -  

First Spring! Last Summer?
Piety (detail)
The Gift of Spring
Fleeting Moments
Shadow on Concrete Wall
Regal Monarch and Rik
Khemosabi (detail)
The Regal Monarch
Pride of the Tribe
Pride of the Tribe (detail)
Desert Nomad
Posing in the Park
April's Legacy
Desert Sentinel (detail)
Desert Sentinel
Spirit of Spring

  - -  Full Body Sculptures  - -   

Shadow on Concrete Wall

   - -  The Human Touch  - -   

Revved to Run - Grey detial
Revved to Run - Grey
Revved To Run
Revved to Run (detial)
Distant Glory
Legacy of Sand
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