Shadow on Concrete Wall
Shadow on Concrete Wall

Rik's love for singing began early in his life, with his first recordings being made at age 9, and his first TV appearance at age 12.  Rik has since performed in many, clubs, concerts, shows, and on Radio and  TV.   

During his military service, Rik was asked to join the US Army's "Bayonet Chorus" where he sang and performed for the GI troops, the top brass, at many events and colleges and on TV.  After his tour of duty, Rik returned to college and majored in music.  He also established a very successful career as an Equine Artist and Sculptor, and his sought after works are found in museums and fine art collections worldwide.



Rik has performed in many musicals, receiving glowing reviews for major rolls like Johnny Brown in "Unsinkable Molly Brown." Rik also enjoyed being a singer/server at the Bouzey Rouge Restaurant, where his rendition of “Music of the Night” was frequently requested.


But life always brings changes, and after many years of musical and artistic success, Rik had to face the reality of worsening back problems, which made it necessary to curtail much of his performing and musical activities. 


 Several years later, after successful spinal surgery, Rik's health began to improve, and he was able to sing and perform again.  He was soon cast as Freddie Einsford Hill in "My Fair Lady." He received glowing reviews, especially for his rendition of "On the Street Where You Live"  Plus people were requesting music CDs, inspiring Rik to record his debut album "for the first time".


After his recovery, Rik was also excited to again pursue his art career.  He took most of his sculpture molds to the foundry he used, to have new castings made for a major upcoming show.  But fate intervened, and one fateful morning Rik received a phone call from the distraught foundry owner, to inform him that during the night, a gas leak had caused a major explosion, which had destroyed the entire building that housing all of Rik's, and many other sculptors works.   


After receiving that devastating news, Rik had to seriously look at all of his prospects.  He loved art and continued to create new sculptures, but he also began spending more time performing and singing, and to that end, Rik is currently recording his 6th album.  

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