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Some of the comments that I've received 


Dear Rik, your voice has a beautiful unique sound, and you have so much feeling when you sing.  Every time I listen I like a different song best, and your art is amazing. Alice Albertini

Rik, you have a great voice, I live in the UK,  I'm impressed, and you have a new fan. Thanks you for sharing.  Love your art too.  You are multi talented.    Sorinda

Hey Rik, Your voice is excellent, my favorite singer is Michael Crawford, and now I have to say I have another favorite.  Cathy 

You have sweetness plus richness and power like a Josh Groban, and so much feeling.  I 'm happy your spinal problems are better and we get to hear you.  I'm playing your music for friends, and telling them to listen on Youtube and other places.  Jennifer Santos


I heard some samples of your singing and love your voice.   Bought CDs for me and my sister.  Connie Bruckner   

Rik, I'm not always a Broadway music fan but you have a great sound, and a big range of other styles.  Your musical arrangements are really good too.  Jason Kanderly

Thought I was going to hear another Wanna be, but I was wrong.  You have the pipes. Your Christmas album is really good.  Even singing Suzie Snowflake at 9 years old, you have the voice.   Janet Trubel 

Thank you for your wonderful comments  -  Rik  

-   News - Info.   -

My new album "TONAL RECALL"
will be released this September.  It will
feature music from the 50ties/60ties.

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